Technique 5:

meditate every day.

if anyone tells you there’s a right and a wrong way to meditate, they’re incorrect and doing you a disservice.  meditation is personal to each individual, and it’s not possible to be “bad” at it.  as a roadmap, here’s how I do it:

  • i sit cross-legged on my bed, with my back propped up by a pillow.  i sit up straight and support my spine.
  • lights on.
  • i set my iPhone timer for 10 min.  (if you’re just starting out, I’d suggest trying 2 minutes.)
  • i close my eyes.
  • i concentrate on my breath.  whether i breathe deeply or as normal, i concentrate on my breath.
  • whenever a thought enters my mind that takes me away from breath (i’d say every 0.1 seconds) i say to myself, “oh that’s interesting i’m thinking about…”)
  • i then return to my breath
  • i then wait for the next thought to enter my mind, and say again – “oh interesting, now i’m thinking about…”
  • i repeat this until my iPhone alarm goes off.

that’s it.

if you have any interest whatsoever in meditating, please, please, please reach out to me.  i would love to help.  i really would.

other than exercise and sleep, nothing has changed my life more than meditating.

lastly if you try meditating and it’s very uncomfortable and you think “this just isn’t for me, i’m not wired to sit still with my eyes closed” – that means you need it more than ever.