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if you’re having trouble prioritizing, decide which item on your to-do list you want to do the least.  start there.


wash your dishes.  by hand.  immediately after using them.

you’ll be astonished at what this does to your energy and willpower throughout the day.


replace the words “i can’t” with “i don’t want to.”

“i can’t run a half-marathon!” –> “i don’t want to run a half-marathon.”


don’t post your accomplishments on social media.

become empowered by realizing the only person you need to impress is yourself.


be very careful with the commitments you make – especially to yourself.

no matter how small, breaking a commitment creates a landslide effect.  don’t do it.


protect your thoughts.  guard them like your life depends on them – because it does.

Technique 18:

whenever you’re having a bad day, go for a drive and seek out a dog hanging out the window of another moving vehicle.

instant anti-depressant.

Technique 17:

there’s only one workout/health/nutrition plan that works – the one you’ll stick with.

start so small you can’t not do it, and then work your way up from there.  (1 push-up per day, 1 minute of meditation per day, etc.)


Technique 16:

if in need of a quick spell-check, type the questionable word into Google’s searchbar.

the correct spelling will almost always be the top choice.  instantaneous spell-check!

Technique 15:

at a stoplight don’t instinctively check your phone.

instead spend time in thought.

i was shocked at how uncomfortable this was for me at first.  that let me know i was on to something.

Technique 14:

embrace the fact that pain comes before progress.

and that there is no progress without pain.

if what you’re doing isn’t requiring you to push past boundaries (pain), it’s not worth doing.

Technique 13:

the slowest run is better than the fastest walk.

push yourself.  just a bit.  it will build.

Technique 12:

make your bed in the morning.  it takes 30 seconds.

trust me on this one.

Technique 11:

swap late nights for early mornings.

you will not regret this.

Technique 10:

don’t say or think “he upset me.”

replace that with “i allowed him to upset me.”

Technique 9:

don’t apologize for delays in response.

when you do respond, don’t mention it.

Technique 8:

listen to music.  it elevates your mood, and can provide motivation when that’s lacking.

if you don’t know what to listen to try The Hype Machine.  download the mobile app (it’s worth the nominal fee), navigate to “Popular” then “Last Week” and save to playlists songs you enjoy to playlists.

then listen to those playlists when you wake up, when you clean, when you cook, when you fold laundry, when you run.

Technique 7:

if you’re in the middle of a task and nature calls, no matter how badly you have to go, finish the task at hand.

you’ll learn that you’re capable of finishing things, without any loss in quality of work, much faster than you thought possible.

Technique 6:

eliminate the phrase “i don’t have time” from your vocabulary.

replace it with “that doesn’t mean enough to me to make the time.”

it will change how you prioritize things.


“i don’t have time to answer my friend’s call right now.”


“it doesn’t mean enough to me to answer my friend’s call right now.”

Technique 5:

meditate every day.

if anyone tells you there’s a right and a wrong way to meditate, they’re incorrect and doing you a disservice.  meditation is personal to each individual, and it’s not possible to be “bad” at it.  as a roadmap, here’s how I do it:

  • i sit cross-legged on my bed, with my back propped up by a pillow.  i sit up straight and support my spine.
  • lights on.
  • i set my iPhone timer for 10 min.  (if you’re just starting out, I’d suggest trying 2 minutes.)
  • i close my eyes.
  • i concentrate on my breath.  whether i breathe deeply or as normal, i concentrate on my breath.
  • whenever a thought enters my mind that takes me away from breath (i’d say every 0.1 seconds) i say to myself, “oh that’s interesting i’m thinking about…”)
  • i then return to my breath
  • i then wait for the next thought to enter my mind, and say again – “oh interesting, now i’m thinking about…”
  • i repeat this until my iPhone alarm goes off.

that’s it.

if you have any interest whatsoever in meditating, please, please, please reach out to me.  i would love to help.  i really would.

other than exercise and sleep, nothing has changed my life more than meditating.

lastly if you try meditating and it’s very uncomfortable and you think “this just isn’t for me, i’m not wired to sit still with my eyes closed” – that means you need it more than ever.

Technique 4:

find the color in every situation.  literally.

whenever you’re feeling lost, or anxious, or scattered – consciously look for any color within your line of sight, and then mentally note that color.  this will bring you back to present and centered, and will give your brain a respite from whatever it’s grappling with.

Technique 3:

I’m fairly certain that the key to life is taking as many deep breaths as possible.  whether it be in through your nose or mouth, and out through your nose or mouth – drag in as much air as deeply into your lungs as possible, and then exhale slowly.  you will immediately feel better than you did before that breath.

do this often.  as often as possible.

Technique 2:

relax your shoulders.  try to catch yourself unconsciously tightening them throughout the day.  then relax them.  you’ll get better at it.

(more in this outstanding book – thank you Jaqueline!)

Technique 1:

Tim Ferriss states that one of the best pieces of advice he can impart is to have dinner with friends once a week.